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Document Destruction Solutions

What we have to offer:

DocuShred is a business committed to maintaining the confidentiality and business integrity of our clients. DocuShred provides reliable, secure and cost effective document destruction solutions.

With identity theft, consumer fraud and corporate espionage on the rise, shredding personal and corporate documents is not only excellent business practice; it is the law. DocuShred is dedicated to keeping our clients informed on the laws and regulations involving sensitive information and its proper disposal and destruction.

Fun Fact #1
Trash is public property! Yep, according to a 1988 Supreme Court ruling, once your trash reaches the curb, anyone has the right to go through it without your interference. If that doesn’t make you paranoid about protecting your secrets, what will?
Document Destruction

Today all companies, big and small, should be concerned with risk management and safeguarding their sensitive information. DocuShred provides the only truly adequate method of recorded regular destruction to show that you have taken proper preventative steps in ensuring the privacy of your documents.

Fun Fact #2
The first paper shredding machine was patented in 1909 by Abbot Augusts Lowe, but was forgotten because old man Lowe died before he could produce more than his first functional prototype.
DocuShred offers several solutions for every type of business
  • No job is too small or too big- DocuShred services everyone from individual home offices to corporate headquarters.
  • DocuShred sets a pick-up schedule customized to your needs.
  • Our friendly, well trained staff is bonded, insured and uniformed.
  • Locking and aesthetically pleasing cabinets provided at no cost.
  • Materials are taken to an off site location for immediate destruction –no intrusion on any worker or workday.
  • No disposal or clean up of messy shredded materials in your office or workspace. DocuShred handles it all!
  • Documents are destroyed in an industrial mobile shredder by crosscutting making confetti like materials that cannot be pieced together.
  • Destructed document materials are baled and sent on to a recycling center and turned into various paper products you use everyday.
  • Certificate of Destruction mailed to your office upon obliteration of documents for recordkeeping purposes.


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